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We are dedicated to offering professional, timely and affordable computer solutions to our clients. We can service and repair all types of computer hardware both at the client location or at our own offices.

We can upgrade your computer to help improve performance.  A simple memory upgrade can immediately increase performance which is noticeable to the user.  Installation of an additional hard disk drive, either internal or external will offer the user instant disk storage space without timely drive cleaning.

We can simply configure two or more of your computers to create a home or small office network, making files on remote computers available at the click of a mouse button.  If additional networking services are required, we can offer solutions in the area of network cable installation, server installation and configuration, as well as other network hardware services.Our professional can also just show you how to use your computer more effectively. 

We are happy to just sit with our clients on their schedule and cover subject matter presented by the client at their pace.

Other services available to our clients are maintenance for your computer.  We can update your operating system, clean your hard disk drive, check your system for malicious software and tune it up.  All of this can be completed remotely often in just one day.